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Stars    Reviews written by customers on cards in the Bavarian Brathaus of Durham 2012
Drive-by Highest our first time - awesome people,  well knowledgeable of food - quality of food - amazing service was perfect,  Cant' wait to come back.
Friend Highest Great help
Friend Highest J the bartender is the s***! Enjoyed it all! See you in Oktoberfest wooo!
Newspaper Highest Best service period
Newspaper 8 reminds me of Germany,  atmosphere Friendly wait staff and food.  Need to look at the potatoes pancake,  needs some help
Internet 7 This place is AWESOME! We especially love the website. 
Drive-by 5 4th visit,  every time is wonderful!  L was great too
Drive-by 5 Amazing food, you can tell everything is carefully made and reflects true German taste. We had a wonderful meal and look forward to coming back again. C was very helpful and made the experience with the food items added to the authenticity of the experience. Very Pleased!
Drive-by 5 As close to German food on the west side of the Atlantic I have ever enjoyed.
Drive-by 5 Authentic- Great food- Wonderful service- Thank you!
Drive-by 5 awesome cheesecake
Drive-by 5 Best bier in town!
Drive-by 5 Best German food I have ever had. Can't wait till you open in Phoenix.
Drive-by 5 Better descriptions on the menu. Great food and excellent server
Drive-by 5 Carlotta was an excellent waitress and a delightful introduction to this dining experience. We will be back and looking forward to introducing Others to a new favorite.
Drive-by 5 Delicious dinner and amazing service. We can't wait to come back!
Drive-by 5 dinner plates a little over priced,  beer garden would be cool
Drive-by 5 es war sehr gut,  das essen prima!  Es ist got zu mein deutsch wieder ausprobiern.  Aber Mein Deutsch is slechet
Drive-by 5 Everything was delicious.  The Beer Magnificent - service Superb and the food great.  Yes we will be back.
Drive-by 5 Everything was wonderful!/ Good service and goood food.
Drive-by 5 excellent brats!
Drive-by 5 excellent everything
Drive-by 5 Excellent food, atmosphere, and service! Thanks for a great evening.
Drive-by 5 Excellent meal, beer selection
Drive-by 5 excellent prompt service, both at the table and from the kitchen.  Is there a vegetarian brat?  I would love more German Seafood.  And thanks for turning down the stereo
Drive-by 5 excellent service - reminds me of Stuttgart - keep it up  - great music
Drive-by 5 excellent service = wonderful place - we'll definitely come back
Drive-by 5 Excellent service, good food
Drive-by 5 Excellent-really-really enjoyed everything! Thanks
Drive-by 5 Fabulous Food!  Our waiter really steered us right as far as the food and beer went.  We had a great time and will definitely be back
Drive-by 5 Fantastic
Drive-by 5 first time here and we really enjoyed the food and atmosphere and personal service.  We both had brat platters and left very satisfied,  our pumpkin cheesecake is also excellent,  however I'd prefer it served a little warmer.  It's quite cold.  What kind of music - welcome to Durham
Drive-by 5 Food was dee-lish-us!!! Loved the homemade brats and the wiener schnitzel that the waitress recommended. She also suggested really nice wine. Thank You!!
Drive-by 5 Gluten free options are awesome! I am so glad that we were able to eat German food but most importantly, gluten-free German food. I enjoyed the gluten-free schnitzel very very much. It was so tasty and it made me happy that I was able to eat a schnitzel, because typically I am used to giving up the good food and eating salad. Thank you so much! Also the cheesecake was amazing. It was incredibly creamy and I was very pleased with the taste. I was also very satisfied with the service.
Drive-by 5 good food - thanks
Drive-by 5 good food and service
Drive-by 5 Great beer and food and service!
Drive-by 5 great cheese cake - like the beer selection
Drive-by 5 great first experience!  Great rapport
Drive-by 5 Great food and beer!
Drive-by 5 great food service and beer
Drive-by 5 Great food! Great service! Had a great time!
Drive-by 5 Great food,  Great beer,  Great Cheese cake and amazing Service!!!  WE will definitely come back
Drive-by 5 Great Job!
Drive-by 5 great service and great food.  We will be back and recommend to Others
Drive-by 5 Great Service! Thank you. Danke. 
Drive-by 5 Great time!
Drive-by 5 Great! Will be back!
Drive-by 5 Happy to have a German restaurant in town
Drive-by 5 I give the food and atmosphere 5 stars.  Absolutely wonderful Friendly waitress!
Drive-by 5 I love this place!
Drive-by 5 it was nice to have someone so knowledgeable and helpful.
Drive-by 5 keg - call back about how much a keg would be - 919 627 2445
Drive-by 5 Love it here! Fond memories, great food, better bear
Drive-by 5 love the food and atmosphere
Drive-by 5 Love this place! Great, authentic, and unique food. Wonderful beer selection. Greatly miss the Cary location but glad you all are here! Service was great with useful suggestions and very attentive. Thank you!
Drive-by 5 loved our visit the food was fantastic!  Thank you so much for the wunderbar Hospitality (phone number)
Drive-by 5 loved your Rubén sandwich - the hot German potato salad was heavenly!
Drive-by 5 Most excellent
Drive-by 5 My Life's purpose was to eat food. Not just plain, regular food. FOODy food. This restaurant fulfilled my life's ultimate purpose
Drive-by 5 Nice place. Very good German chow!
Drive-by 5 No bacon in the sauerkraut please!
Drive-by 5 Oompa! Everything was wunderbar! This was a random stop and well enjoyed. Thank you very much for the music, food, and beverages. Randolph and Lea
Drive-by 5 our service was excellent,  attentive to our needs without having giving us time and not rushing us out the door
Drive-by 5 Our waitress was a little slow to bring the check, water refills, etc. She was also difficult to understand. This is my first time here since the Cary location closed, and although this location lacks some of the décor, the food is still excellent.
Drive-by 5 our waitress was outstanding
Drive-by 5 our waitress was wonderful and the food was great,  the bartender was not the Friendliest and seemed to have a attitude when we send a cocktail back that did not taste good.
Drive-by 5 perfection!  Excellent service,  perfect flavors, I love it.
Drive-by 5 Really enjoyed this, our first meal home, so we had to find you truly authentic and enjoyable. Well be back!
Drive-by 5 red Cabbage too spicy/Really good service
Drive-by 5 saw by driving by
Drive-by 5 Service and food were excellent! That’s all I need to say! Will be back! Carlotta is great!
Drive-by 5 Service was very Friendly and attentive.  L is a good waitress,  we enjoyed our meal and the video tour of Germany , thank you.
Drive-by 5 Slainte!
Drive-by 5 Spectacular!
Drive-by 5 Super job!
Drive-by 5 T was an exxcellent server! She was helpful in determining our beer and food choices. She is very beautiful and has a great personality. 
Drive-by 5 Thank you for the wonderful food and the great service!
Drive-by 5 Thank you, great food and service.
Drive-by 5 Thanks for making my delicious vegan meal! I'll be back.
Drive-by 5 Thanks for the wonderful service. The food was amazing! :)
Drive-by 5 That was literally the best piece of meat I've ever put in my mouth.  The cheesecake was the most pantastic ever.
Drive-by 5 the best cheesecake I have had in a restaurant
Drive-by 5 the best time we have had eating out Ever!!  The food was excellent and the décor reminded us of our time spent in Germany,  L was so very patient in helping us decide what to eat!  She was a pleasure to meet
Drive-by 5 The food and service was fantastic. Our waitress was very helpful during the ordering process. She attentive and anticipated our needs. We loved the accordion player. A very nice touch. 
Drive-by 5 the food is awesome
Drive-by 5 the food is very good and the waitress are very nice
Drive-by 5 the food was delish.  
Drive-by 5 the food was excellent.  We. Especially enjoyed the Curry - garlic - spicy bratwurst - thank you = our waitress gave 100% she's a keeper.  She new the menu well.
Drive-by 5 the food was outstanding and T was delightful - knew the menu and had wonderful suggestions.  And was Friendly and nice
Drive-by 5 the schnitzel is incredible!  Also the brats are delicious.  So much better than American Sausage.
Drive-by 5 the service was fantastic!  Carlotta was very helpful patient with our children.  The quality of the meat in the bratwurst is excellent.  Thank you for a wonderful experience
Drive-by 5 This experience was excellent! Our compliments to the chef, host, wait staff, owner. We will definitely be back. 
Drive-by 5 This is the First German restaurant I have found that actually tastes like what I have enjoyed at traditional restaurants in Germany 
Drive-by 5 This place is the "wurst" Hahaha :)
Drive-by 5 this was a delicious and enjoyable dining experience, and C made us feel like we were old Friends! 
Drive-by 5 this was our first visit.  The food was amazing and the menu and beer selections are impressive.  Our waitress was very helpful in education us about German cuisine and helping us choose a dish.  The Service was excellent.  We are very happy with our dinning experience and will be sure to tell our Friends to visit.  We'll be back soon!  Thanks!
Drive-by 5 Too much gravy on the Jager…Other then that great!
Drive-by 5 Very delicious, pleasant meal! Thank you for the excellent food and kind attention!
Drive-by 5 very good
Drive-by 5 Very nice atmosphere and excellent waitress. I will definitely come back and bring Others with me. Thanks for the great service.
Drive-by 5 very pleasant
Drive-by 5 Very tasty and authentic, particularly the beer selection. Excellent service as well.
Drive-by 5 W is very Friendly and a great waitress. Congratulations for your great staff. The bratwurst are delious(very lean) the bread is excellent the cabbage is good. Tomato salad delicious the noodles taste ok, but too greasy. Beer is very good. Our son loved the pizza
Drive-by 5 warm welcome, very Friendly service - T, great food and beer. Will be back for sure. Thanks
Drive-by 5 We can't wait to come back!
Drive-by 5 We enjoyed it!
Drive-by 5 We had a great experience at the Brathaus. I know it was a busy night, however we can't complain! Great music, company, beer, and server ( M) well be back!
Drive-by 5 WE had a wonderful experience. T was great. She was extremely Friendly and gave excellent advice for food and beer choices. We're definitely coming back!
Drive-by 5 We have been here on a few different occasions, and this was the best visit so far! The sauerkraut was much better then before! Keep up the excellent work!
Drive-by 5 We love it here. Can't wait for Oktoberfest
Drive-by 5 We loved it! Was wonderful reminiscing with our waitress!!
Drive-by 5 we loved T!  Next time I will try the potato pancake!  WE will be back
Drive-by 5 we will both be back soon,  delightful and delicious X2 - great service too
Drive-by 5 Will be back again. Loved everything
Drive-by 5 wonderful food - service.  Would suggest adding a sign on how to get to the establishment.
Drive-by 5 Wonderful service
Drive-by 5 Wunderbar! Danke,K! Haben sie einen guten tag!
Drive-by 5 you could make the fish with less garlic. Just the butter taste in the sauce was great. Garlic was just over powering
Drive-by 5 yum
Drive-by 5 yummy cheesecake - thanks!
Drive-by 5 very helpful in explaining the menu
Durham magazine 5 fantastic!  Best - authentic German restaurant from NC to Vegas!  Thank for the memories!
Friend 5 a wonderful lunch!  The food was delicious and the service was Great!  I will come again.
Friend 5 Amazing food.
Friend 5 Authentic tasty, absolutely perfect experience
Friend 5 Better brats than I had in Germany! Loved the eisbock!
Friend 5 Danke Schon! Sehr Gute!
Friend 5 Delicious!  Again we had a great time great beer and cheesecake.  Stiegl?  Ceruelat would be a great addition
Friend 5 Enjoyed the atmosphere and had excellent food. Perhaps extending hour to cover breakfast?
Friend 5 Excellent! I did miss the apple juice in sparkling water - any chance of getting German apple juice?
Friend 5 food was awesome service was great - will be back soon.
Friend 5 Friend said to come,  and I live near by
Friend 5 Friendly - great restaurant!
Friend 5 great food and service!
Friend 5 I loved the salad dressing. It is both outstanding and different. We tasted most of each Others lunches and were quite impressed with the tenderness of the meat. The portions were quite nice too. 
Friend 5 improve access from 15/501 - advertise (not a chain)  Excellent food / Beer.
Friend 5 Its great
Friend 5 Love the place. Need to get the word out as not enough people know about it.
Friend 5 our first visit but not our last - soo Good!
Friend 5 outstanding Friendly service
Friend 5 service and food were great!  Will recommend you to all my Friends!
Friend 5 service was wonderful - loved the music -- would like the option of mashed potatoes instead of spaetzle.
Friend 5 thank you for a wonderful meal
Friend 5 Thank you for the vegetarian! Amazing good! We will be back! My mom loves German food (lives in NY) we will be sure to bring her here on her next visit to NC. 
Friend 5 The draft selection was great and the potato pancakes and gulash were exceptional. Brats were greats (especially cheese) and the jager schnitzel was quite good! Thanks for everything! 
Friend 5 the food was outstanding!  We also truly enjoyed E.  We plan on coming back with as many Friends as possible.
Friend 5 This was out first visit to the Brat-Haus and it was wunderbar! (sp) We really enjoyed the food. The waitress was excellent! She made it very easy for us to decide what to try and it was all excellent! We will definitely be back. Thanks! Phyllis, A, & Yvonne
Friend 5 Truly excellent, very authentic.
Friend 5 very nice
Friend 5 waitress was excellent - delightful experience.  Consider offering dinners catering to seniors/lighter eaters/dieters - will return soon.
Friend 5 We had a great meal. The service was the best. We will be back again soon. Thank you.
Friend 5 wonderful food (too much) Pleasant environment for meeting a group thank you :)
Friend 5 Wunderbar. I lived in Deutschland for 6+ years and the food is just like I remember! Danke.
Herald sun 5 some German pretzels would be great.
internet 5 can't wait to come back!
Internet 5 Excellent food and service. We will be back for sure.
Internet 5 Excellent food. Thank you
Internet 5 First time here. Loved the food and service. We will return!
internet 5 found you on
Internet 5 Great food and pretty authentic. You guys need Bitburger beer glasses! Bitburger in Warsteiner glasses is funny! Thanks! We will be back for sure!
internet 5 I wish I could cook snitzle as good as you!  I was looking for German food when don had his double lung transplant at Duke.  Fourth the one in Raleigh and then found this one,  We will come back every  (cant read) or so,  so send us some coupons to us when we come.  Use Groupon to advertise!
internet 5 Our waiter was the best
Internet 5 Server was fun!
internet 5 Service and food was great
Internet 5 So glad I found this place.  Ever since coming home from Germany a year ago, I've been craving good German food and beer.
Internet 5 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Wonderful dinner- cheesecake out of this world! Thank you for my dad's birthday! Amy
internet 5 the food and the service was excellent!
Internet 5 We enjoyed and miss Cary location, but will come here now.
internet 5 what a pleasure.  Having been on the road,  touring the country for nearly a year,  it's nice to find a place that feels like home.  Best food in months!!!  Truly a great find,  thanks for everything,  we will be back very soon.  PS that to Paul for the best CheeseCake ever!!!
internet 5 Wunderbar!!!
Internet/Newspaper 5 Great food! Great service. We'll be back for Oktoberfest
Newspaper 5 Absolutely delicious! We'll be back!
Newspaper 5 been here many times
Newspaper 5 Filling this out for my Grandma. The food is delicious and we very much enjoyed the band and bier. My grandma is from Germany so she loves this place and she loves live music. 
Newspaper 5 Food excellent, music adds so much to experience. Makes me want to get a German cookbook, thanks for a wonderful evening.
Newspaper 5 Food was great. Our server was wonderful.
Newspaper 5 GPS is not seasoned well enough
Newspaper 5 Great food great service
Newspaper 5 how about rotating brat flavors to add to the menu?  As well as rotating the German kegs to help keep the menu fresh and new.
Newspaper 5 Outstanding service!
Newspaper 5 The food was excellent and our server, C, was fabulous. We'll be back!
Newspaper 5 you have a great restaurant here.  My wife being first generation American from a German family recognizes authentic German cooking and appreciates the effort you expend to create the atmosphere
Other 5 Best server in last 10 years
Other 5 Enjoyed the conversation with the waitress.  She allowed us time to eat and was very Friendly when she checked on us.
Other 5 excellent food and beer. Met expectations
Other 5 Loved the Oma's sample platter and cabbage!
Other 5 service was excellent
Other 5 the service and the food was wonderful.  Much better than the Cary location . Better atmosphere - Friendlier staff and better food.
Other 5 Very good, Friendly service and food we always enjoy our visits here!
Other 5 we really loved our food.
Other 5 Will you look into adding a restaurant in the northwest Raleigh area?
Radio 5 excellent and Friendly staff.
Radio 5 great ad on 99.9
Radio 5 Great service, great food and great atmosphere! Love it! Haven't had food this good since we left Germany in 1993. We will definitely be back!
Radio 5 Service was excellent. Brittany even took my wife and her wheelchair to restroom. Portions were large and tasty. I am slowly working my way through menu. 
Radio 5 this was "echtes Deutsch"  Ich war zehn Jahre in der BDR opernsangeruin.  Meine Tochter was da da geboren
Sanford location 5 Woot!  Good service
Yelp 5 tremendous food = the food was exceptional - everything was very fresh
Drive-by 4 Awesome service and food!
Drive-by 4 best cheese cake I have ever had - Strawberry
Drive-by 4 Cary location - both times I have eat here the service was excellent
Drive-by 4 Danke Thanks!
Drive-by 4 Décor is un-authentic. Bier Garden leaves a lot to be desired- need plants, more enclosed, lights strung in trees.
Drive-by 4 delicous
Drive-by 4 do you have a beer garden?  Do you have a twitter account?  Can you make the food cheaper?
Drive-by 4 enjoyable - excellent waitress
Drive-by 4 Excellent Food and service
Drive-by 4 Excellent meal and service. Will recommend and come back!
Drive-by 4 Fabulous Brats 1
Drive-by 4 fantastic food overall,  the brats were the best I've had.  Will return when I move to town.
Drive-by 4 food was absolutely incredible.   - music was too loud.  Service was officious.
Drive-by 4 food was very good - red cabbage needed more vinegar and sugar to give it a sweet and sour taste - waiter was very nice and helpful.
Drive-by 4 get more advertisement on the 501!
Drive-by 4 Good atmosphere. Great food. Loved the cheesecake! We will be back!
Drive-by 4 Good goulash, but I prefer mine with less thickener and more paprika
Drive-by 4 Great Beer   
Drive-by 4 Great beer! Great service!
Drive-by 4 Great food, great service. Mustard delicious - tasty sausage. Sauerkraut excellent. 
Drive-by 4 Great server (5) - thank you! My mouth is deliriously happy! Makes us miss Germany!
Drive-by 4 have you ever considered having Baum Tote on your menu?
Drive-by 4 I have never really like bratwurst,  even thought I am German.  But the original I had fro lunch was delicious!  We will definitely be back.  The only thin is the fire brat was a bit dry.
Drive-by 4 it was a great experience here!  We are us Military and recently moved back to the states after a 3 yr tour in Hohenfels,  GE (Bavaria)  it brought back lots of wonderful memories,  we really like the Bavaria video,  brotchen and décor!  A few suggestions would be to offer speitzi (cola and orange fanta) waitresses in dirndl's and guys in lauterhosen!  open one of these restaurant's in Fayetteville.  feel free to email any questions.  M was super!
Drive-by 4 J was our server, he was great, he took time with us seeing that it was out first time here. He was patient, Friendly and gave great service. And suggestions. Thanks
Drive-by 4 Love the quality ingredients
Drive-by 4 meat was a little salty
Drive-by 4 Sauerkraut could use more seasoning with pork. Peach strudel dessert - delicious! But probably even better if fresh peaches. Your bread is wonderful. Waitress was very pleasant and helpful. She adds character to your establishment. 
Drive-by 4 service 5+
Drive-by 4 service was great
Drive-by 4 Service wonderful L very personable. Great ambiance. Good portions and broad selection of food. Authentic. 
Drive-by 4 T is the most incredible waitress I have ever had as well as personable,  she was honest,  informative,  knowledgeable.
Drive-by 4 thanks
Drive-by 4 the food and service were very good,  we'll be back
Drive-by 4 the food was wonderful - especially the bread and brats.  Also our service was outstanding.  Thanks so much!
Drive-by 4 The pot pancakes were very unevenly cooked. The better ones were crispy. The inferior ones were not browned and were soggy. I tasted more oil than potato. Not enough apple sauce accompanying four pancakes. The waitress was very nice. My husband reallly liked the bratwurst. Nice Bavarian atmosphere
Drive-by 4 the service was excellent! Wonder waitress!
Drive-by 4 this was our first visit and the food atmosphere and service were all great - looking forward to coming back
Drive-by 4 Very good food. Service very good as well. Could use some entrée choices under $15.00.
Drive-by 4 very traditional faire - a waitress who speaks German is a big plus.
Drive-by 4 Vielen dank!
Drive-by 4 we are holding the 5th star for when we return for the schnitzel dinner
Drive-by 4 We had a great dinner and wonderful experience.
Drive-by 4 we had a great time at the restaurant.  We will definitely return.
Drive-by 4 we really enjoyed out time here.
Drive-by 4 wonderful food and portions
Drive-by 4 would have liked a senior menu,  but C was so (underlined) helpful
Drive-by 4 You should be at world beer fest Oct 8th - Durham.
Drive-by 4 Yummy
duke school  4 great strudel
Durham Mag 4 enjoyed the videos and atmosphere.  Was glad to have non processed food.  Green Tea with stevia would be great,  try and avoid spenda and equal.
Friend 4 Absolutely delighted with the experience!!
Friend 4 augestiner euelstoff.  Heles bitte!
Friend 4 Bratwurst was great but Pretzel was almost pastry but ok
Friend 4 excellent service - ausqezeichnet!
Friend 4 felt like I was in Vienna
Friend 4 good food,  Generous portions,  Great Service..Well be back
Friend 4 Good service
Friend 4 Great brats! Waiter was great!
Friend 4 Great value, good beer selection, great atmosphere, authentic!
Friend 4 Koltritzer - schart bier (black beer)  
Friend 4 Referred by Jeff    It would be awesome if you reopened to place in Cary w/ a bakery/deli…and downtown in Raleigh
Friend 4 service was outstanding
Friend 4 the cabbage was a little overcooked and too sweet… Otherwise I would have circled the 5 - wunderbar
Friend 4 very helpful - will be back
Friend 4 with a last name like Kreutzberg I had to come here,  right?
Internet 4 4 Only because of the price
Internet 4 Brats were very good size but not particularly favorable. Rolls/bread - not very generous. Having (advertising) 14 beers is great but when you don't have them all on tap it is both misleading and disappointing. 
internet 4 Good eats.
internet 4 Great bratwurst
internet 4 we will be back
news paper 4 Great wait staff!
Newspaper 4 Excellent food. Heard about you in a "Best of" magazine. Will be back! Wait staff should wear traditional German attire.
Newspaper 4 Great service - so nice!
Newspaper 4 schones gemotlichkeit
Newspaper 4 The sodium level was a bit high for our taste. All the beef selections were delicious. Really loved the tomato/onion lite salad and the beets/red cabbage dish were delicately delectable, Lee liked his Warsteiner Dunkel, Knodel slightly doughy, strudel good. Delightful evening of bluegrass and German foodloved for birthday celebration.
Newspaper 4 Very enjoyable.
Newspaper 4 visited your restaurant in Cary - was glad when this one opened in Durham.  We really need German cuisine in this area
Other 4 Cary Location - Bring it back!
Other 4 Great food& atmosphere. T was wonderful, very helpful and nice. 
Other 4 loved the waitress.  Very Friendly and helpful.  Potato pancakes very good.  Vienna salad very good.
Other 4 We very much enjoyed our meal and our charming, helpful server! The brats and franks are lean and tasty, the bread has a terrific crust, the Merhorn schnitzel was perfectly balanced, and the potato pancakes were perfect! Yummy strudel too.
Other 4 would give a 5,  but always leave room for improvement
Other, Drive-by 4 J was our server and a pleasant server very attentive but gave us our space. Very polite and knowledgeable.
Radio 4 great food and service and fun!
Radio 4 meats were a little colder than I liked  - pancakes were great. W was a attentive server.
Radio 4 web site didn't work - heard the Radio add.
walked by 4 Love your decorations,  like the recommendations fromn the help to choose our meal.  I'll let my Friends know.
Drive-by 3 Food was cold could have been hotter
Drive-by 3 Great atmosphere
Drive-by 3 Place sauce on the side.  Dinning room too cold,  music too loud,  wait staff needs training
Drive-by 3 Sauerkraut was very dry. You need to look into this. 
Drive-by 3 Where was the pickle in the Rolanden? And what was with frying the spatzel? The beer was really good
Friend 3 my first time with German food
Friend 3 Our waitress was so helpful and Friendly! Thank you!
Friend 3 waiter was very Friendly
Newspaper 3 food was Ok - portion was too big.  Over priced - can't read - red cabbage was too nutmeggy.  Smaller rouladen  - as done in Germany - and please don’t fry the spatzel it's good by itself steamed.  Beer was good and waitress … German pleasant,  nice video
Newspaper 3 My entrée was too cold when served,  we were really looking for something different and the German cuisine fit the bill.  Great cinco demayo anniversary celebration