How they found us Stars Reviews written by customers on cards in the Bavarian Brathaus of Durham 2011
Drive-by highest lived up beyond expectations
Friend highest A was the best
Friend highest Great Service
internet highest I agree that it is the best cheesecake!!!  Cheesecake expert
Newspaper highest helpful and nice
Drive-by 7 Our server was so sweet
Drive-by 5 the food was great.  My parents live in Durham and we will be back every time I am in town.
Drive-by 5 Alas war sehr gut! Danke shoen!
Drive-by 5 Alles wahr sehr gut!
Drive-by 5 Ate German all over the world… Verrrry good! Cabbage so subtle. Great.
Drive-by 5 Authentic menu, excellent food, great  service. Good Bier. We lived in Germany for 7 years, This was like going home. Perhaps the most authentic German restaurant we have been to in the USA. 
Drive-by 5 beautiful service,  delicious food
Drive-by 5 Best dining experience that we have had in ages. Everything was delicious, service impeccable; we will be returning often. 5+ stars.
Drive-by 5 Best service ever
Drive-by 5 brats and cake and chicken was awesome
Drive-by 5 Cheesecake is amazing!
Drive-by 5 delicious! Thank you for an excellent evening of beer and food
Drive-by 5 dinner was wonderful,  the pork chops were so delightful and very good,.  My husband had the goulash and he love it.  We will be back and we will tell all our Friends to come and try this great authentic German restaurant.
Drive-by 5 everything was awesome!  Absolutely the best bratwurst we've ever had.  We also appreciate the large towels / napkins!!!
Drive-by 5 Everything was fabulous. The food was delicious and our waitressT was so sweet. We will be back
Drive-by 5 excellent authentic food.  Waitress - excellent Job!  So pleased we drove by and spotted the place!!!
Drive-by 5 Excellent choices service and tasty food
Drive-by 5 Excellent food
Drive-by 5 excellent food.  5 smiles!  Wonderful service,  charming waitress and Friendly hospitable executive chef!!!  See you in Two Weeks for the knuckle,  thank you
Drive-by 5 Excellent food. Very Friendly service.
Drive-by 5 Excellent server danke!! Auf wiedersehen
Drive-by 5 Excellent! We are so happy to have found you! Come back to Carthage
Drive-by 5 fabulous beers and food.  I will be back.  And I wish you every success.  PS  I think you need a real sign in addition to the national flag facing the 15/501
Drive-by 5 Fantastic!
Drive-by 5 Finally, we found a restaurant with real German ambiance!
Drive-by 5 Food is awesome. I'll have to try the beer when I am not working! Service is very professional and does a great job. I will definitely come back.
Drive-by 5 food was excellent,  great live music and love the plastic boots
Drive-by 5 good food - good service
Drive-by 5 good food and beer
Drive-by 5 good meal = will return with the whole family
Drive-by 5 Great brunch. Excellent beer. Looking forward to the beer garden this fall.
Drive-by 5 great everything
Drive-by 5 Great food - awesome beers. A great find!
Drive-by 5 Great food and wonderful service 
Drive-by 5 Great food! Great Beer! Enjoyed ourselves!
Drive-by 5 Great food! Lovely staff! More than enough servings and will definitely come back. Thanks!
Drive-by 5 Great food. Nice to meet the owner, Paul you treated my 95 yr old mOther b-day special. Thank you
Drive-by 5 Great menu
Drive-by 5 Great Service!
Drive-by 5 Great service. Very well done. 
Drive-by 5 great waitress - fantastic
Drive-by 5 Happy meal,  very pleasant and delicious.  Excellent service!
Drive-by 5 How wonderful it was! We will be back 
Drive-by 5 I haven't tasted sauerkraut that delicious since my grandmOthers passed away some 20 years ago`
Drive-by 5 I teach customer service for a very large national and international retail company and L is a very rare find.  She is fabulous!!!  I will return the next time Im in town for L's excellent service and personality as well as your superb food.
Drive-by 5 Its our first visit to this lovely city, and we couldn’t have picked a better place to have our first meal. Loved the beer, the food, and the service was very good. J is doing a grist job. Thanks
Drive-by 5 lived in Frankfurt for 4 years,  love your food.
Drive-by 5 love the brats
Drive-by 5 Love the music, atmosphere and food! Nice change of scenery. Thank you.
Drive-by 5 Loved it = great restaurant - but you need a bigger sign
Drive-by 5 Loved the food! Nothing else could make me happier today!  Thanks,  Danke!
Drive-by 5 Menu is great but it is difficult to understand.  This includes here in person reading it and online.  Layout could be streamlined / improved with graphic designer or web developer.  Food and beer and service are fantastic.  We will definitely be back soon.  Can't wait for beer garden.
Drive-by 5 My husband and his German relatives loved the authentic taste and fresh ingredients. Loved it!
Drive-by 5 my waitress was absolutely wonderful!! Great service,  I will come back son that to the service and food!  5 starts!!
Drive-by 5 Nice! Great food and great service. Nice!
Drive-by 5 Offer smaller portions for seniors who find it difficult to eat so much. Food is excellent!
Drive-by 5 Our dinner was delicious! Thank you so much!
Drive-by 5 our waitress J was excellent!! Certainly added to our total experience… Great schnitzel but Spatzle was only ok.
Drive-by 5 Our waitress was excellent
Drive-by 5 our waitress was very nice and we enjoyed talking to her,  great food and great service
Drive-by 5 outstanding - food and service
Drive-by 5 really enjoyed the brats
Drive-by 5 Really like your food and atmosphere
Drive-by 5 Sausage dry. Great selection of mustards. Very happy for authenticity. Great beers.
Drive-by 5 Server was excellent! Food was wonderful! (authentic) Beer was great and high hi R-OH! Thanks.
Drive-by 5 service was attentive and warm
Drive-by 5 she was great.  Patient as I asked questions,  the menu was a little hard to figure out.,  knowledgeable about food and beer.  Great!!  Restaurant is unique and fills a niche good food .  I I'll bring my active 7 year old here and see who it goes with kids.  But I can't wait for Oktoberfest!
Drive-by 5 so much food!
Drive-by 5 Such wonderful Friendly service!
Drive-by 5 spurious service - will come back
Drive-by 5 T was fantastic!  Thanks for making our evening great .  Good food good beer good atmosphere,  red cabbage not so much… it would be great to have salt/pepper on the table too.  Thanks!
Drive-by 5 Thank you very much,  Service was excellent food was great!
Drive-by 5 thanks for giving me the same wonderful food my grandmOther used to make for me.
Drive-by 5 thanks for the wonderful service that you provide.  The food was Absolutely wonderful.  We will alert all of our Friends to try your restaurant!  Brats and Ruben lovers.  Satisfied customers
Drive-by 5 Thanks! Great first experience!
Drive-by 5 the best bratwurst I can remember and come from the Texas hill country I had a good deal of it.  A is also an exxcellent waiter.
Drive-by 5 the best food and cheesecake that I have had since Chicago. Elis' cheesecake in Chicago.  Grandmas food excellent.  You sauerbraten  - excellent - E outstanding - back with family and Friends soon
Drive-by 5 The Draft Beer - excellent,  food not always authentic German,  but very good.  Would like to have an authentic German Salad,  like the videos Germany and nearby alpine regions
Drive-by 5 The food and service were absolutely superb. Rest assured well be back as well a recommend it to all our Friends. Thanks for a great experience. 
Drive-by 5 The food is very good and It has very nice waiters and waitresses. A very good place food-wise and very nice people
Drive-by 5 the food was amazing and the service was great
Drive-by 5 the food was excellent - the service was great, my family will return
Drive-by 5 the food was exxcellent!  The red cabbage and sauerkraut were better than the same dishes at the Cary location
Drive-by 5 the food was superb!  WE can't wait to come back and try something new.  Our waitress was so helpful and recommended the perfect beer!  T was so Friendly,  polite and kind.  She went out of her way to make certain we enjoyed our meal!  We'll be back soon with our Friends!
Drive-by 5 the service was excellent
Drive-by 5 the service was very good.
Drive-by 5 This has been an amazing experience. The waitress was fantastic. 
Drive-by 5 This is the first time I've come here and I am definitely coming back and spreading the word. All because C was great and made us feel so welcome. The food was delicious!
Drive-by 5 This reminded me of a real restaurant in Palad Itally. A real no commercial authentic restaurant even before seeing the menu. The portions were real. The seasonings were authentic. The staff authentic. This made my day/wee/month/year!!!
Drive-by 5 This was our first time here and we will be back! T was an excellent server and the food was great. Keep up the good work. 
Drive-by 5 This was the first time here- great dining experience! Thanks!
Drive-by 5 too much sauce on the Holstein schnitzel
Drive-by 5 very fun to eat here..  Thanks for the great meal!
Drive-by 5 Very Good!!
Drive-by 5 Very nice place. Great service and wonderful food. We will be back.
Drive-by 5 very sweet and knowledgeable waitress - we will be back
Drive-by 5 Visited with our mom on vacation from NY. She loved it!
Drive-by 5 waiter 5 stars food 5 stars beer 10 stats
Drive-by 5 we are stuffed!
Drive-by 5 We enjoyed and love it. Great!
Drive-by 5 we enjoyed your restaurant and new menu.  Looking forward to coming back 
Drive-by 5 we had a lovely evening.  The service especially - our waitress was charming and knowledgeable.  Food was excellent.  Our first experience with authentic German food!  The live music was a nice thought too.  We'll be back
Drive-by 5 we had some amaszxing food
Drive-by 5 we love coming here,  so glad you are here.
Drive-by 5 We love this place! The rabbit was a great surprise. Danke Schien.
Drive-by 5 We loved our first trip to the Bavarian Brathaus for Kyle's birthday (to celebrate his German background and love for all things brat and bier)! C was a wonderful "tour guide" and server for our celebratory dinner. We will be back next week for brats to go for our party...and then again for Oktoberfest. Thanks!
Drive-by 5 we Loved the food and fun atmosphere.  L was extremely gracious and helped us work our way through you authentic Menu Thanks!
Drive-by 5 We'll be back!
Drive-by 5 Wonderful experience! The food was spectacular!  love to help spread the word about your restaurant. I'm so glad we chose to stop here for dinner tonight!
Drive-by 5 Wonderful food and great service
Drive-by 5 Wonderful birthday for my husband. Thank you so much
Drive-by 5 Wunderbar! Very good food and very good service!
Drive-by 5 you had fraziskaner!
Drive-by 5 Yum!
Drive-by 5 Zer gut!
Drive-by 5 Other site - yelp ____ very good recommendations form the waiter!  He make an ok - good meal - Great!  I loved the beer selection
Durham visitor center 5 we are moving to this area in 2012 and a priority for me was finding a German restaurant in the area
Friend 5 A wonderful time! Great food!
Friend 5 Anything you can do to make access to the restaurant more obvious. We'd better come again when you're in full swing. And the monastery/bier from just outside Munich is ANDECHS.
Friend 5 Awesome!
Friend 5 C provides excellent service and the food was great. Thank you!
Friend 5 definitely the best cheesecake in NC
Friend 5 Delicious! We'll be back. Thank you
Friend 5 Excellent food and our waitress was warm, Friendly, smiling, and very attentive an excellent every!
Friend 5 first rate
Friend 5 Food was fantastic! Service was superb! Atmosphere amazing. will be back very soon. Cant wait for Oktoberfest.
Friend 5 great amiable and professional staff
Friend 5 great beer!  Food and service was excellent!  It was a bit cold in the dinning room.
Friend 5 I love German food and beer! So refreshing!
Friend 5 I waited 19 years to have quality German food after having lived in Hamburg. Thank you!
Friend 5 it would be great to pair a beer and a beer for a discount.
Friend 5 liters of beer!!!!  Sausages!!! Various cabbages!!!! Cinnamon explosion in the strudel!!!!  Thanks
Friend 5 need coasters for drinks
Friend 5 our waitress was fantastic.  For food was excellent and comparable to that which we had in Germany that for a great evening
Friend 5 red cabbage not spicy nuff.  Pretzel was strange.  Beer and wurst and meat entrée was great.  
Friend 5 Service was excellent! And so was the food and beer
Friend 5 T was a wonderful server and I loved the cheesecake. We will be back and hoping for the beer garden!
Friend 5 thank you for not just the meal but an incredible experience and fantastic hospitality
Friend 5 thank you so much for a wonderful meal.  We had a fantastic time celebrating my birthday and the holidays - thanks for the exceptional service the food is awesome.  We'll be back!
Friend 5 the food and service was top notch.  We will definitely be back for more beer and brats,  Happy new year.
Friend 5 the service was great and the food was even better.  I'm originally from Cleveland OH and went to a German restaurant every Sunday after church.
Friend 5 This was the first time I was here and I loved it! I do wish that the tent was here more often. Great beer and great staff. I am glad there was a band. I do like more authentic German music with more acordians.
Friend 5 Very good food. Happy to have a German restaurant in the area. Do, authentic European food. Excellent experience. Thank you!
Friend 5 Waitress needed a little more personality (her name was ) Other than that the food and experience was amazing!
Friend 5 We always enjoy speaking German with the servers/waiters. Danke Schon!
Friend 5 wonderful   
Friend 5 Wonderful Service, Very Friendly and Knowledgeable
Friend 5 Yes, very Friendly. Delicious food. Loved the videos!
internet 5 absolutely wonderful
Internet 5 Do you have any plans to put a restaurant in northwest Raleigh?
Internet 5 Excellent food, outstanding service.
internet 5 excellent service - excellent food - we are so glad to have found you .  We will definitely be back.  Thank you for a very nice dinner.
internet 5 Food and service were spectacular. T was great and made the best potato pancakes. Looking forward to future visits.
Internet 5 Great atmosphere! Great service! Great food! Looking forward to coming back for Oktoberfest! Thank you so much!
Internet 5 Had a wonderful time. Good atmosphere and food. Wonderful service
Internet 5 Love the garlic brat. Good job
internet 5 Sanford - found you on the internet
Internet 5 Service and food exceptional!
Internet 5 Service great. Food great. Everything great. 
Internet 5 So happy to have found an authentic German restaurant locally with great beer and spatzle! Danke!
Internet 5 Thank you. We enjoyed very much.
Internet 5 Was frequent customer when Cary was open
internet 5 We enjoyed meal and wait staff.
internet 5 Wonderful food and service. Loved the music. 
Internet, Frien 5 Very good food, nice place
Newspaper 5 A very pleasant dinning experience 
Newspaper 5 all the food and beer are extremely authentic and delicious
Newspaper 5 Das is Gut
Newspaper 5 First visit, food was great! Love the 20% beer discount. Glad you have the schweine haxen!
Newspaper 5 Food was great! Better than Other German restaurants in the area. Anthony was excellent!
Newspaper 5 Good food-authentic German-wait staff very Friendly-atmosphere cozy and welcoming.
Newspaper 5 Great food
Newspaper 5 Have been before - always great service! Great food!
Newspaper 5 Meal was excellent.
Newspaper 5 Serh gut!
Newspaper 5 The meal was amazing. I brought my step=father and Other to lunch, he is from Holland and spoke highly of the food and how authentic it was! The server was very nice, extremely Friendly. Thanks for a great meal.
Other 5 been here before and I would like to suggest that you sell some of you beer glasses
Other 5 Décor was very authentic.
Other 5 everything was awesome
Other 5 Food was great, the service is even better!
Other 5 Recommended by my German teacher S and I'll be recommending it to Others! We will definitely be back!
Other 5 Thank you for wonderful food and service! We very much enjoyed our special family occasion at your restaurant.
Other 5 This was a delicious meal! Thank you very much! Service was excellent!
Other 5 walked over from ShabaShabu
Other 5 what a wonderful discovery
Other  5 great place and good service
Radio 5 excellent service,  picturesque ambiance!  Great food!  Brought back memories of our visit to Germany
Radio 5 Great after finally found you
Radio 5 K was a fantastic waitress. Very helpful and suggestive about new items to try. Best experience we've had here, and we do come often
Radio 5 The waiter, C, made the trip from Oxford worth it.  Best place to cheat on your diet EVER!
regulars 5 thank you for the email to let us know about the live music tonight - 3/25  that's specifically why we came tonight.  Please leep us informed about upcoming live music to Other special events - Gloria
shaba shabu 5 Great Waitress, great experience! Our 1st time here, loved it and will be back. It's been a long time since I've had such a great dining out experience. Thank you!
Drive-by 4 Attentive service!
Drive-by 4 Awesome service. Love the hot mustard. We'll be back for cheesecake.
Drive-by 4 Brats need more spice we both think. Husband ordered the fiery brat which wasn’t so spicy. Cindy's garlic brat was described as spicy but there was no heat whatsoever. Loved the potato dumpling and German Chocolate. Cake!!! Love the atmosphere. Great service
Drive-by 4 Danke fuer das gute essen, es hat mich wieder nach hause geshickt. Wir freuen uns auf den nachsten besuch.
Drive-by 4 Danke! Alles war toll! Vielen Danke.
Drive-by 4 delicious but menu is a bit confusing and a little pricey,  service was excellent,  reuest breten!
Drive-by 4 Delious food and wonderful service! Thanks for a grfeat lunch!
Drive-by 4 Don't run out of strudel! Bad form but I'll forgive you this time!
Drive-by 4 enjoyable experience. Brats were Great.  Need a gigantic beer garden out front
Drive-by 4 Excellent food and service - great suggestion of direst and coffee
Drive-by 4 Excellent service! Well Done! Thanks
Drive-by 4 fabulous brats!  Really healthy food.  Clean Atmosphere - good service!
Drive-by 4 Fine food, cold beer, what could be better!!
Drive-by 4 food was great,  kids loved it too,  Raspberry beer was also great this was our 2nd time here.  The first time here was when the store first opened.
Drive-by 4 food was very good!!  Will def come back - love the inside decorations - very presentable.  Waiter very polite and attentive.
Drive-by 4 get the word out,  you should have more customers
Drive-by 4 good German food - good German music.  Great Waiter 
Drive-by 4 good selection of beers,  great waiter,  spetzel and dumplings great,  smite very good,  good combo plate,  strudel had a great filling.  Initially,  music was too loud but M fixed it.
Drive-by 4 Great beer selection. I normally don’t care much for red cabbage but yours was delicious. Chicken wiener schnitzel was perfect.
Drive-by 4 Great food and music! Thank you!
Drive-by 4 Great music and service
Drive-by 4 Great service, good food, great beer, great dessert. Thanks. 
Drive-by 4 I am not a fan of bratwurst, but decided to try it this evening, it was cooked perfectly for my taste. I appreciate that your food is made in house. I will be back! I also appreciate the gluten-free items. Tschuss.
Drive-by 4 I will definitely come back and I am from Stuttgart.
Drive-by 4 it's great to get authentic German fare in Durham
Drive-by 4 L was great but we were a little confused by the menu. - thank you very amazing
Drive-by 4 M was great,  food was good,  Beer was awesome!  Would like more vegetable options Other than cabbage and Vienna salad
Drive-by 4 Our Server was excellent! Her recommendations were Very good!! T an asset to your restaurant. We will be back soon!
Drive-by 4 Sehr Gut!  Gut Wurst!
Drive-by 4 Service was awesome and the wine was very good and waitress was very helpful and knowledgeable about menu
Drive-by 4 service was top notch,  but the chicken was undercooked and had to go back to be cooked further
Drive-by 4 side items were great - Ruben was overpriced
Drive-by 4 Thank you! We had a wonderful time! We'll surely be back. 
Drive-by 4 the bread was fantastic the red cabbage was delicious as for the wine,  it was so good we brought a bottle to take home ,  American brats can't touch yours.
Drive-by 4 The food was fabulous! The only complaint is staff/bartender talking too loud about business around our table. Otherwise- Great! Waitress was very nice!
Drive-by 4 the menu was confusing - over all great exxxperiend we will be back
Drive-by 4 the Schnitzel was great as was the sauerbraten and bread - we ordered pomme fritzx and was dEstateingly disappointed as they were store bought frozen french fries.  NOT real potatoes.  Really disheartened about that.  And paid $4. for an order of fries - FROZEN FRENCH FRIES (UNDERLINED)  beer was great tho - still doesn't make up for the fries.
Drive-by 4 The service was great. The waitress was knowledgeable. We followed her suggestions and loved it! Das war wunderbar! We will come back. Danke schon!
Drive-by 4 Too much clove in the red cabbage. Great gravy on the jager schnitzel.
Drive-by 4 Very good service
Drive-by 4 Very Tasty,  great service would love to see kase spatzle (um?) as a menu option - be sure to explain the large beer size is equal to 3 beers.
Drive-by 4 waiter was very attentive and kind.  Explained everything - will come back,  Great Restaurant!
Drive-by 4 We enjoyed your restaurant very much. We missed Mr. Dunderbalis in Raleigh and are glad this area has an authentic Bavarian restaurant. Please send a menu to: K.
Drive-by 4 we had a great time
Drive-by 4 we had lots of fun.  This was our first time at a German restaurant,  we were actually headed to the sushi restaurant next door but didn't like the big Buddah there.  So we decided to check this place out and were glad we did.
Drive-by 4 we've needed a German restaurant in this area for some time - thank you = next time we hope the rolls are better
Drive-by 4 would get a 5 if it was just a little bet less expensive
Drive-by 4 you menu is rather difficult to navigate.  I design educational material and came here for lunch with several co workers and while we really enjoyed the food,  but all eight of us though that is was difficult to find what we were looking for on the menu.  our server was helpful and explained everything for us.  But it took a long time and it make the menu,  which clearly a log of time and effort went into,  irrelEnt.  Today I would like to not that my server/bartender L provided exemplary service and had a great attitude.  Thanks - zed Glick
Drive-by 4 Your food is the best food ever! Server was fantastic!
Drive-by, Newspaper 4 My wife enjoyed her small plates! Good offering of Bitburger on draft! Freundliche Bedienung!
duke student Newspaper 4 food excellent - accordion - perfect!
Friend 4 1st timers. Our waitress, Carlotta, was very nice and helpful. Thanks!
Friend 4 as my mOther said it could be a better.  IE;  When soeone comes for a birthday some free icecreamm would go a long way towards Others ordering dessert.  Some onions on the a la carte menu would have made the experience better.  
Friend 4 Brats were awesome! Could taste the cheddar and spinach flavor infused throughout. Sauerbraten was just like my mOther's recipe (ditto for the red cabbage!) Love this dish at Christmas - goulash was good also!! Please put ounces of beer on menu so you would know between small and medium (husband thought medium was too big!)
Friend 4 Consistent superb food,  Love it
Friend 4 Excellent food, excellent service
Friend 4 food was great.
Friend 4 Good food. Good service. More German than Germans. Good beer. 
Friend 4 Great
Friend 4 great service and food,  please add kasespatzle as a menu option (they mean as a add-on to schnitxzle dinners)
Friend 4 I enjoyed all the food and the service was great
Friend 4 liked the brats but they were a bit dry.  The pot pancake was suberb.  How about senior plates?  
Friend 4 Server was excellent
Friend 4 service was terrific
Friend 4 Very Friendly - and I really appreciated your willingness to spilt checks in a large group.
Friend 4 we enjoyed our meal -= thanks
Internet 4 Fantastic! We had a great time! Wonderful food! Great music-we'll be back soon!
internet 4 Good Spaten beer. Good German atmosphere. Good sauerbraten and cheese cake. Good service. 
Internet 4 service was fabulous. Atmosphere was wonderful. The homemade food was spectacular. Would have been 5's but mash potatoes would have been better homemade. Every thing else was wonderful. Loved the bread and beer.   We ate sauerkraut, eggs bene. jager schnitzel cheesecake and black forest sundae.
Internet 4 You would have received a 5, but there was no Bitburger glasses for the Bitburger beer. Food was awesome.
Newspaper 4 delightful and knows the business
Newspaper 4 great server - loved our meal
Newspaper 4 great soup - sweet butter with broetchen =- not authentic
Newspaper 4 the black forest cake needs more cherries or cherry flavoring
Newspaper 4 Very enjoyable! We'll be back. Carlotta very helpful very delightful!
Newspaper 4 Very Friendly - our first visit. The brats were very tasty but the strudel should have been heated in an oven not nuiked - it killed the crust.
Other 4 allas war sehr lecxher,  aber vein bi cxhen tner!
Other 4 First visit- loved the food and company- will be back with Friends!
Other 4 I am from Germany; please keep us updated on any events you may have! Dankeschon!
Other 4 our waitress was very Friendly and the food delicious,  thank you very much for a nice evening.
Other 4 We were enroute to Outback and saw your sign. Immediate u-turn and were very pleased with our decision- very difficult to find a quality German restaurant.
Other  4 Red cabbage should be slightly sweeter. Strudel pastry not as flakey/crispy as I remember. Schnitzel was delicious.
Radio 4 das ist gut
Radio 4 Heard your add on 99.9 - I'd be willing to bet that you would get better results on WRDU 106.1
Radio 4 Radio commercial was very difficult to understand,  the accent was too strong
Radio 4 Very good food. Waitress nice too. But, the menu needs to be just a tad more "American" Friendly for "us" who know little German. Ich Liebach Dich lol
Radio 4 What a wonderful meal! Very tasty food, great selection of beer. Thank you! Wonderful.
Drive-by 3 Dinner (Bratwurst) was excellent but the black forest cake was very dry.  The Décor of the restaurant was wonderful.  But the easy listening holiday music detracted from the atmosphere..  Service was Excellent!
Drive-by 3 good food,  good drinks but not especially memorable,  good change of pace.  Higher price point than some (not for constant venue) really awesome beer and dessert.  H pub is one we like but this resonant is off to a great start.  Helpful hostess
Drive-by 3 I had the beef entrée,  first on the menu,  and the beat spetzel and canid apple weren't good and the red cabbage was a little mushy / soggy - the salad and rolls were very good and the Spaten beer was great,  the potato pancakes were good the service and decor were good too.
Drive-by 3 roulade was unfortunately very dry
Drive-by 3 smOther the curry wurst with sauce - add hackiswas (we have it)
Drive-by 3 food decent - atmosphere mediocre
Friend 3 good,  but would be better if it felt like a big hall
Friend 3 our choices of the menu could have been offered since it was the first time we were here.
Friend 3 The atmosphere is very pleasant and cozy. Seems very authentic. In all honesty, I did not care for the food. Being from Germany, this was quite a different experience. It was okay.
Newspaper 3 Bratwurst excellent. Bread soggy on rueben sandwich. Meal took a long time to come out. Will come back for dessert. 
Newspaper 3 Great service! We enjoyed our meal and E! We shall return.